See what my patients are saying

I wanted to thank you for helping to make me feel better than I have felt physically for the past two years. You are a delightful person who truly enjoys her given profession.

I know that I cannot undo the structural damage, only a “miracle” can do that, but you have helped to eliminate and minimize my pain ... for this I am very grateful. I am sure that you were put in my path for a reason.

Acupuncture is truly worth my time and money. Thanks, again!
— Debbie- Centennial, CO
“Fuyiu Yip was highly recommended to me by my chiropractor Dr. Jason Watts. I developed acute pain in my right leg just under the knee and it would not go away, and it was difficult to ignore.

After ONE treatment with Fuyiu, the pain went away. What a relief that was. We are now working on other areas of chronic aches and pain, and I’m feeling better and have more energy after each appointment. Fuyiu is very knowledgeable - I trust her implicitly and her bedside manner is A+!
— Leta - Aurora, CO
Fuyiu is a remarkable practitioner. Having gone to a TCM practitioner for 5+ years, it was evident immediately after my first visit with Fuyiu that she had a level of expertise that far surpassed what I had become accustomed to. She has treated me over the last year for a variety of issues ranging from joint pain & digestive problems to heart arrhythmia, hypertension & anemia… I have experienced noticeable improvements with all of my symptoms and pathology.

Most recently she detected some pulse abnormalities which led me to see a cardiologist for some issues that I would not have been aware of had it not been for Fuyiu. My husband refers to her as my “physician” as she has repeatedly been more accurate and effective in treating my health concerns than most medical doctors that I have seen over the years. She is a highly skilled acupuncturist and continues to exceed my expectations!
— Melanie - Larkspur, CO
Because of many health issues (Asthma, GERD, ADHD, Migraines and neck, spinal, back and sciatica problems), I have been a client of several acupuncturists over the past 29 years.

Never have I found an acupuncturist that practices Classical True Acupuncture; I never even knew there was anything other than the “Westernized” acupuncture available. One visit with Fuyiu Yip, and I am sold for life.

Fuyiu listens to your body through many different pulses, and customizes each treatment for what your body needs at that very moment. She maintains a thorough health history, taking copious notes not only from your first visit, but before, during and after all treatments. She is intuitive, interested, compassionate and exacting in her acupuncture treatments - most of which require no more than 5 needles to achieve the desired result. Amazing!
The treatment I have received from Fuyiu over the past year far surpasses any other I have ever had, and I know that without her treatments, customized herbs and tinctures I would not be alive. I consider myself truly blessed to be able to finally live a functional and healthy life because of this truly extraordinary practitioner.
— Laura W. - Lone Tree, CO
My wife and I had never been to an acupuncturist before visiting Fuyiu. We are very pleased with Fuyiu’s services! Fuyiu has helped me to overcome back pain and her natural herb suggestions have been great in giving me a non-drug remedy for congested sinuses and as an aide in weight loss.

My wife has been relieved of wrist and neck pains thanks to Fuyiu’s treatments. In addition to the wonderful service she provides, Fuyiu is very knowledgeable in her craft. She does a thorough job in explaining to novices like us the background and theory of her treatments.
— Tim- Highlands Ranch, CO
I wanted to let you know what a difference you have made in my recovery after having a full hip replacement. Not only did I not realize the magnitude of the surgery, but how long it took to recover. The doctor said that I was having terrific results, but I still felt that I was not the person I was before my surgery.

After one treatment at your office I noticed that I had lost the fog that I was experiencing and the pain at the incision had subsided, not to mention that the incision was right over the [meridian] that provided the flow of energy to my lower leg. Your knowledge is amazing! You knew exactly what the problem was.

Many people are afraid to use your services. I believe it is the fear of the unknown. To those who feel that they just are not who they used to be, have chronic pain or just want to feel normal again, I recommend that you give Fuyiu a call, she will determine what your body needs and then you can decide if that is something you would like to do. In my opinion treatment with a pill is just masking the problem. As for the needles that we all hear about, I am a sissy and want everyone to know that you can’t even feel them!

I thank you Fuyiu, for making me feel normal again. I appreciate your wealth of information and your kindness!
— Sara- Highlands Ranch, CO
I love acupuncture and the natural balance of the body it creates. I have used acupuncture for years and if you are not educated on the different styles/types of acupuncture or the experience of the practitioner giving the treatment, you might be missing out.

I found Fuyiu Yip L.Ac. and after we spoke over the phone the first time, I knew I had found someone with experience and a lot of knowledge. I made my appointment ASAP and was beyond satisfied with the service. The understanding of the treatments and also herbs has helped me on many levels and I would recommend Fuyiu Yip to anyone. Just know that you will be very pleased with her services. The teas she sells are a joy as well. Expect the best... you just found it!
— Nancy - Lone Tree, CO
Meeting Fuyiu has changed my life for the better! Almost 2 years ago I was looking for some way to control hot flashes and some how get my body back. I was too young to be going through menopause, so I could not figure what was going on. I was about 30lbs over weight even though I worked out regularly. Desperate, I did not want to try any hormone type of treatment, I searched the Internet and some how found Fuyiu’s web page explaining the type of Acupuncture she practices. I was hesitate to call since I had never done anything like this before, but I called her and made an appointment. Needless to say, hot flashes are a thing of the past. I have slowly lost over 20lbs and feel great!

I still see her about once every 4-6 weeks and can’t wait for my time with her. It is not just about the acupuncture treatments, it is about the care she takes to truly understand what is going on with me. It is a full hour of “me” time. She has helped my through sports injuries, the flu and even a bout of food poisoning. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to feel better.
— Nina - Greenwood Village, CO
I have seen Fuyiu for over 5 years for everything from pain management, depression fertility, pregnancy, healthy babies, post surgical healing, flu, allergies, sciatica pain, cupping, and so much more. She is a professional and great healer! She has a gentle touch and uses less needles than most other places. She is very wise and knowledgeable and I trust her explicitly!
— Laura D - Highlands Ranch, CO
I have had a lot of acupuncture by practitioners ranging from chiropractors to trained Chinese doctors. NONE of them have been as effective as the Classical True Acupuncture style you use. I came to you most likely pre-diabetic. My blood sugar was swinging wildly, I was packing on pounds because of it. Within the first four treatments, the blood sugar issues calmed down, and now 12 treatments later, I don’t have any blood sugar issues at all! (and I’m finally losing weight again, and that’s a huge plus!!)

I feel more energetic. Exercise feels good again. I’m sleeping better—in many ways, I feel more alive! Thank you for all of your care, your close attention to the details of all the symptoms I bring to you. I feel like I’m peeling back layers of body issues, getting to the core of everything, and rebuilding from there.

You’re totally awesome, and I will continue to refer all my friends, family, business acquaintances, everyone who is in need of some amazing acupuncture
— Dr. Ross - Centennial, CO
I’ve had TMJ disorder and sinus pain for four, maybe five years, and it felt like a block of ice in my face. I was living on advil and sudafed. My Dr said to go see an allergist. The allergist said he couldn’t help me and he wanted me to see a cranio-facial pain specialist who wanted $350 just for the office visit. I went to Fuyiu instead, since they said they might use acupuncture as part of my therapy.

Fuyiu helped tremendously! I hardly even feel it any more! Seriously! If I do feel that pain coming back, I now know which acupressure point to rub, and the pain goes away within minutes. She really listens and she really cares. Since seeing her I have been healthier, happier and had more energy.
— Marnie - Denver, CO
I struggled with irregular menstrual cycles for over a year while trying to conceive, and then underwent two rounds of Clomid fertility drugs without getting pregnant, before coming to see Fuyiu. In the first month of acupuncture treatment from Fuyiu I felt stronger, healthier, and experienced a marked increase in my energy levels, and I got pregnant! I have continued to get acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy to help with morning sickness and tiredness. I really appreciate the way that Fuyiu treats the total body and listens to me. I am so happy with all the results of my acupuncture that I will be a lifelong patient.
— Briauna - Highlands Ranch, CO
I always feel better after going to visit Fuyui. She is extremely good at what she does and a wealth of information!
— Myra - Denver, CO
I was referred to Fuyiu by a friend and she has exceeded my expectations. I went for whole body and mind wellness, with multiple issues. Since I have been visiting her, all of the areas that we are addressing have begun to subside. Fuyiu is kind, competent, and professional. I will recommend her, without hesitation, to family, friends and clients. I am a fan!!!
— Brett - Littleton, CO
All I can say is amazing! Don’t start your healing process without Fuyiu
— Pablo - Denver, CO