My Branding Story and Philosophy

The enso ("circle" in Japanese) is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism & throughout Asian culture. It may also be called the Circle of Life, Circle of Enlightenment, the Infinity Circle, Mutual Circle, or the Circle of Togetherness. 

Each enso is hand-painted in one movement of the brush stroke, with one breath. Thus, each one is wholly unique.

This is the philosophy of the True Acupuncture style -- each of us is truly extraordinary and must be treated as such.

Roots Acupuncture & Herbs Reason for Bamboo


Bamboo is the chosen representative plant for my business logo as bamboo is deeply embedded in Asian culture and maintains a practical, versatile, humble, graceful, strong and persevering significance.

I could not have stated this more eloquently: "The bamboo is remarkable for its incredible flexibility. This flexibility is made possible in part due to the bamboo’s complex root structure which is said to make the ground around a bamboo forest very stable. Roots are important, yet in an increasingly mobile world many individuals and families do not take the time or effort to establish roots in their own communities. The challenge, then, for many of us is to remain the mobile, flexible, international travelers and busy professionals that we are while at the same time making the effort and taking the time to become involved and deeply rooted in the local community right outside our door." (Read more about the graceful bamboo).

The symbolism of bamboo, indeed, offers practical lessons for life and work.

On a very personal nature, I had originally chosen Roots Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, LLC when I first began my Practice for various reasons. My path had led me to pursue a Western Medical degree, but I chose to ultimately follow my Chinese cultural roots and practice acupuncture.

Further, the roots of the earth are used as Chinese herbs -- no part of any plant is wasted and can provide tremendous health benefits when used properly. Also, the True Acupuncture style is a form of acupuncture that goes back to the roots of acupuncture theories, before Communist modernization & simplification of acupuncture into the common styles we see practiced today.

Early on, I had switched to Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine as I succumbed to marketing influences and thought that I needed to differentiate my Practice name from others. I am grateful for the interest in and support of such a foundational style of acupuncture, which brings us back to the truer roots of acupuncture and away from modern simplifications, thus, allowing me to now return to my original business name.