Sports Medicine with Acupuncture

What does an athlete need in medicine?

  • Quick recovery from injuries
  • Increased stamina and endurance
  • Increased strength
  • Mental focus
  • Clear precise goals
  • Nutritional support
  • And more. . .

Sports medicine and acupuncture go hand in hand together. With the adjunct of Chinese herbs, the Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine clinic provides the tools an athlete needs to maintain optimal performance.

Faster recovery from injuries!

Acupuncture has been used throughout the world for pain management and to speed healing. This has always been a strong point of all styles of acupuncture. It works amazingly well to speed recovery from injuries, especially acute injuries. Classical True Acupuncture takes it a step further, going beyond just the pure symptoms of the injury, and looks into the underlying weakness and disharmonies that allow the injury to occur in the first place (the "root"). By correcting these disharmonies and treating the injury as a "branch," we get fast results with injuries, both chronic and acute.

For example, say you fracture a bone in your foot. Most acupuncturists may insert needles in your foot (local treatment) and your hand/wrists (distal treatment) to encourage local circulation to improve healing and reduce pain. This is a great start, but an incomplete treatment. With Classical True Acupuncture, we want to re-balance your root constitutional imbalance so that your whole body can support the healing of your foot. This approach provides much faster healing and recovery than just treating "the problem" area alone.

Combining a true root treatment, that comes from proper Classical True Acupuncture radial pulse diagnostics, and a branch treatment for the acute pain, creates a platform from which injuries heal more quickly. Do keep in mind that acupuncture works very well in conjunction with Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic, Muscle Activation Technique (MAT), Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) and other physical modalities. 

Increased strength & endurance with acupuncture!

Patients have noticeable increases in their workouts with proper Classical True Acupuncture treatments. Not only will your strength increase, but you will have greater endurance. 

If your systems are well harmonized, they will respond to the stresses of life in a more efficient manner. Re-harmonizing your systems cannot be done with "lower levels" (according to Soulie de Morant) of acupuncture. It must be done through an in-depth study of your radial pulses to find even the slightest disharmonies in order to re-establish your natural homeostatic balance. Thus, with regular & consistent treatments, perhaps monthly, you will notice significant improvement in both strength and endurance during workouts.

Acupuncture is completely safe, natural, doesn't add substances, and works with your body to create balance and strength. 

Mental focus & sports

It's imperative for an athlete to be focused. One cannot be the top in his/her field without clear mental focus!

How can we help your focus?

Classical True Acupuncture naturally facilitates a focused mind. While there are certain points that, when used appropriately, help create focus, it is the overall harmony that takes place within your systems that will help you remain grounded and focused under the stresses of competition. Classical True Acupuncture and its detailed pulse diagnostics provides the framework for naturally helping you center, concentrate and focus when it is imperative to do so.

Sports & Nutrition

Athletes and active individuals need great nutrition. But not nutrition built around unfounded theories, beliefs, or symptomatology. Marketing campaigns try to convince us about all the health benefits of every new product, but solid research into most of these trends shows no benefit, and more often, a decrease in nutritional value.

Supplements have become quite the fad, and athletes are especially encouraged to take many supplements. Unfortunately, supplements are mostly synthetic (meaning, compounds created in a a lab and no longer natural). This means that most of these supplements are therefore, not absorbed by the body in the manner one hopes. Your urine should not turn bright yellow within an hour of consumption of most vitamins, especially multivitamins. When it does,  your body is simply trying to get rid of these synthetic components that cannot be properly absorbed.

Eating to feed the body, the cells, our physiology is of utmost importance. No fad diet or supplement can truly fuel our bodies until we understand what the human body is made of and how it needs to be maintained. With Fuyiu's background in Biology, along with her holistic approach in keeping the body balanced and harmonized, Fuyiu can help make nutritional suggestions to optimize one's health.

You will not be told to. . .

  • "Take this handful of supplements,"
  • "Here's a new pill for that problem,"
  • "Oh, if you're going to take that, then you also really need this (pill),"
  • "You really need to take this pill for that problem"

What will you get from me?

  • Clear understanding of what the body needs and why,
  • The most nutritional ways to allow your body to get what it needs,
  • The most "natural" ways to take care of your body's requirements,
  • Sound advice based on real research, not merely opinion.