As I remain on a medical leave, Suite B-105 will be utilized by others who can continue to bring like-minded services to our mutual patients.

Lisa Davino, L.Ac. | Highlands Ranch Family Acupuncture — Lisa has been practicing in Highlands Ranch for over eight years and has relocated her practice, Highlands Ranch Family Acupuncture, to Suite B-105. Lisa not only brings acupuncture but NAET (Allergy Elimination) as well; furthermore, she is willing to open up her busy practice to provide for my patients while I’m on leave.

“Every patient of mine gets treated as an individual & receives treatment based on what their body specifically needs. I truly have a passion for helping people and a unique intuition about the human body, and how to treat it. Therefore, it isn’t just a cookie cutter treatment based on what a textbook tells me, but rather a treatment that is tailored to specifically help each patient every time they come into the office.”

- Lisa Davino, L.Ac. 

If you would like to schedule with Lisa, or have any questions, please contact Lisa directly: or 303-346-4426