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Wellevate is an online supplement dispensary — an area to access the supplements you would typically buy in my Office, plus more. All you need to do is click on the “Place Order” image above, create an account, and purchase / refill probiotics, enzymes, fish oils, minerals, vitamins, natural oral / skin products, etc.

Wellevate’s goal is to support Practitioners and Patients by ensuring that you can continue to access and use the products you trust and know work for you, especially while I am out of the office. I have kept the prices similar to what you have been paying in my Office.

Many brands that I carry are researched, Clinical strength & quality, allergen free, and sold through Practitioners only; thus, please be careful of similar products sold on third-party sites as there are (unfortunately) many ‘fake’ or expired products being sold. This is why Wellevate was established by Emerson Ecologics [the Company I order from] to prevent the accidental purchase of possible 'substitutes.'

For my Patients: If you do not see a product that you think may be available, please contact me & I may be able to add it for you.

There is an option to set up an auto-ship, if you wish, and free shipping is provided for any order >$49.

I still have Inventory out of my office and we can arrange pick-up as well — please just text or email me!


Please meet Lisa Davino, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.

Please meet Lisa Davino, Dipl.O.M., L.Ac.


As I remain on a medical leave, Suite B-105 will be utilized by others who can continue to bring like-minded services to our mutual patients.

I would like to introduce Lisa Davino, L.Ac. Lisa has been practicing in Highlands Ranch for over eight years and is relocating her practice, Highlands Ranch Family Acupuncture, to Suite B-105 as of May 13, 2019. Lisa not only brings acupuncture but NAET (Allergy Elimination) as well; furthermore, she is willing to open up her busy practice to provide for my patients while I’m on leave.

“Every patient of mine gets treated as an individual & receives treatment based on what their body specifically needs. I truly have a passion for helping people and a unique intuition about the human body, and how to treat it. Therefore, it isn’t just a cookie cutter treatment based on what a textbook tells me, but rather a treatment that is tailored to specifically help each patient every time they come into the office.”

- Lisa Davino, L.Ac.